Who has a Boudoir Photography Session?

Who has a Boudoir Photography Session?

So who has a Boudoir Photography session and why? Well, there are many reasons why people look to have a Boudoir Photography Session at some point in their lives. ? Here are just a few I’ve come across but who needs an excuse? ?Do it for yourself!!

Brides To Be

Some girls like to surprise their husbands to be with a little gift before the honeymoon to create some suspense and excitement – “whet his appetite” if you like. ?What better way than with some gorgeous photos of themselves in some lovely underwear?

Hen Parties

Why not double up your Boudoir Photo Session with your Hen Night? ?Some friends or bridesmaids of the Brides also like to have a Boudoir Photo Session as part of the Hen Night festivities. ?You can have your Hair and Make Up done, ?have your Boudoir photo session then head into town for the 3 Ds – dinner, drinks and dancing! ? There are many local hotels in and around Stirling and even luxury lodges less than a mile from our Studio and Stirling has many pubs, restaurants and clubs to enjoy the 3 Ds!!!

Ladies Recovering from Illness

After a long period of illness some ladies like to book in for a Boudoir session just to make themselves feel better and celebrate how well they are feeling. ?Just getting your Hair and Make Up done for you always makes you feel much better so why not capture the moment with some wonderful photographs to remember?

To Boost Confidence

Sometimes we just need a little boost in our lives to cheer ?us up! ?Being pampered and having lovely photos of taken of you can make you feel a million times better and remind you how wonderful you are!


Why not book in for a Boudoir session to celebrate a special birthday or Xmas, or a divorce, or a major weight loss? ? Perhaps giving a little gift to your significant other too!

“But Only Thin People Look Good in a Boudoir Photo Shoot”

I hear that phrase all the time and it’s?absolutely not true! ?I will spend time posing you carefully and using light in the most effective way to capture the most flattering of photos for any shape or size. ?I promise!

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