What to Expect at a Boudoir Photography Session

What to Expect at a Boudoir Photography Session

Some ladies are quite nervous and often ask what to expect at a Boudoir Photography session. ?This explains how I run the session so you know exactly what to expect, you know you’re in safe hands and you will hopefully thoroughly enjoy the experience. ?AND… more importantly … we ?will get a terrific set of images at the end of it!

Initial Phone Consultation

We will start off with a Phone Consultation to discuss what you would like out of?the session. ?We will then discuss styling and how you would like your Hair and Make Up and agree what outfits will best complement the look.

On Arrival

You will be greeted with a little refreshment. ?You can sit and relax in the Lounging area while your Hair and Make up are done and we discuss what look we’re starting with and how the session will progress. ?You can change into what you are wearing in the Cloakroom next to the Make Up area (I suggest bringing a couple of changes with you to mix it up a bit). ?I will then take you through to the Photography Studio for your Boudoir Photography session. ?I suggest bringing a dressing gown with you too for comfort moving about from room to room.

Who Is Present at a Boudoir Photography Session?

Only me and you! ?So there is no need to feel shy or uncomfortable as there will be no-one else in the room. ?We will use a variety of chairs/lounging apparatus, lighting and poses to create THE most flattering images.

How long does the Session last?

You will be “in” hair and make up for about an hour then the Photography Session should also take about an hour.

What’s Next

Your photos will be fully processed including removal of any blemishes. ?You will then be invited back to the Studio to view the photos about one to two?weeks later.

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How Do I Book

If you would prefer to Book your Boudoir Photography and Makeover Session over the phone, give us a call on 01786 625645. You can also find us on Facebook.