What to wear to a Boudoir Photography Session

What to Wear – Boudoir Photography

I am often asked what to wear to a Boudoir Photography session. ?I prefer to keep it tasteful and classy but alluring at the same time so here are some tips which in my opinion help give the right look.

Boudoir Photography Scotland from Morag Hutchison of Allure Boudoir Photography, What to wear to a Boudoir Photography sessionLingerie:- Bring a selection of tasteful lingerie ? ?All in ones?, teddies, “cami-suspenders” and body suits are more flattering to most ladies. A lot of ladies opt for “baby dolls” too which can be quite playful. And play around with colours. ?Shades of ivory and white give an air of sophistication and innocence. Red, black, cerise pink, deep blues, greens and purples are more sultry and evocative. ?There are a lot of fun polky dot and floral fabrics around too. ?There’s an Ann Summers “bargain” shop in Falkirk that apparently sells end of season ranges at a good discount. ?It’s entirely up to you about what image you want to portray and match your outfits accordingly. DON’T GO FOR?CORSETS?- they are too tight and due to the poses we use, spare bits of flesh tend to be displaced somewhere! NOT a good look ladies ;-)

Hold ups/Stockings ? most definitely! Many ladies find them uncomfortable as they always slide down but it’s only for an hour’s photo shoot. ?They make such a difference. Most ladies feel really amazing wearing them so the photos are more alluring as a result, not to mention they look really gorgeous!

High heels!! ? The higher the better to elongate legs and create really fabulous photos. ?You wont be walking anywhere so don’t worry that they’re uncomfortable.

Jewellery ? layered long necklaces look really glamorous on top of beautiful lingerie. ?If the colours and style of the jewellery match the lingerie then so much the better – bring a selection with you if you need help choosing the right combinations.

Hair and Make Up -?The Hair and Make Up should match the style you have chosen whether it’s vintage, sultry or playful, etc. Long eyelashes suit most Boudoir Photography so if you don’t have them naturally, in my opinion false eyelashes are an absolute MUST. ?We provide thin and thick ones but feel free to bring your own favourite ones if you like.

So there you have it ladies…. now you know what to wear to?a Boudoir Photography Session.

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