About Us – The All-Female Team at Allure Boudoir Photography

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Our Boudoir Photography team is headed up by principal photographer Morag Hutchison LSWPP. ?Morag is fast becoming one of Scotland’s leading Boudoir Photographers. ?Morag, however is part?of the team behind Alan Hutchison Photography, one of Scotland?s finest and most popular wedding and portrait photography studios. Morag decided to make use of the tips and tricks She’d learned doing wedding and portrait photography to create a new Boudoir Photography brand to complement our existing photography business.

Morag’s?Background as a Photographer

After being an avid photographer all of his life, Morag’s Husband Alan set up his photography business in 2009 and Morag soon?found herself in the delightful position of joining him full time in the business in 2011. ? Initially Morag’s role was to organise all of the administration tasks that come with a successful business. ?However, with Alan’s gentle encouragement over the years, Morag?gradually became more involved in the actual photography side of things. ? In the process Morag also?attended loads of seminars, conventions and training up and down the UK on all things photography related and quickly became more confident at trying things on her own – hence her decision to launch her new venture into Boudoir Photography back in 2013! ?

An All Female Team – The Allure Boudoir Photographers and Make Up Artists

At Allure Boudoir Photography we use an all female team of hairdressers, make up artists and photographers. ?We pull out all the stops to ensure all ladies, no matter what age, shape or size, feel absolutely gorgeous and beautiful at the photo session and make sure they have lots of fun in the process.

In Hair and Makeup you will be looked after by Morgan?- our highly experienced makeup and hair specialist.

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If you would prefer to Book your Boudoir Photography and Makeover Session over the phone, give us a call on 01786 625645. You can also find us on Facebook.